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Esfandi Law Firm has helped people with sex-related crimes for over 17 years in Los Angeles and Southern California. We realize that when you’re calling, you need someone who will support you through thick and thin and keep your situation confidential. Seppi Esfandi graduated from the UCLA School of Law, and quickly became not only a Criminal Justice Attorney, but an Expert in Criminal Law. He has helped hundreds of people get their cases dismissed, their charges reduced, and avoid jail and/or prison. We promise to treat you like family, and treat your case like we would a brother or a sister.

Meet Our Team

Seppi Esfandi

Seppi Esfandi

Attorney - 310-274-6529

My reputation is very important to me, and I protect it by getting excellent results for my clients. You can go to Yelp, Google or any other online source to see what my clients are saying about me. ​I am always available to speak with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jorge Guerrero

Jorge Guerrero

Client Relations - 310-274-6529

Since 2010, Jorge Guerrero has worked alongside many experienced criminal defense attorneys on countless cases in Los Angeles. Mr. Guerrero is empathetic, insightful, and great at making clients feel at easy during times of difficulty and uncertainty.

Denise Salado

Denise Salado


Denise is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Pre-Law and Political Science. Holding future aspirations of attending UCLA School of Law, she has studied criminal procedure and is deeply passionate about protecting people’s court room rights.

Why You Should Call

Facing any sex allegation is a serious matter. It jeopardizes your reputation, your status, your career, your family, and your freedom. It is a confusing, terrifying and potentially life-changing event. Just an accusation itself is a stigma and can make it difficult to reach out to friends and family for help or moral support. Many will turn their back on you. Often times the court of public opinion will judge you before you appear at your first court date. Other times you may not be arrested right away. You’ll get a call from a detective, a voicemail message, or a knock at your door. Your instinct is to be forthcoming and tell them your side in an attempt to “do the right thing” and explain the entire thing as a misunderstanding or false allegation. But no matter how strong you feel this impulse, you must refrain and call an attorney instead, immediately. We’ve represented many men and women accused of sex crimes. These cases are unique and require a highly skilled and well-experienced criminal defense specialist to guide and protect your through the entire process. There are many pitfalls one must avoid. Mistakes can mean the difference between prison time or acquittal, mandatory sex offender registration or court supervision. Many people don’t know that most sex cases are based on little to no physical evidence. Police are allowed to lie, and mislead, and withhold information during their interviews and investigations. This is why you need to call us. We know how to intervene in these matters, how to keep the authorities at bay, how to arrange a peaceful surrender, and how to remove the element of surprise should an arrest be imminent. But mostly, call us for peace of mind, to unburden yourself and your family of stress and anxiety. Let us worry about it. Let us take the lead in navigating these uncharted waters for you so that you minimize the possibility of making mistakes and maximize your defense. The sooner you call the better. We don’t judge, we don’t shame, and we don’t’ tell. Your privacy is always held in the strictest confidentiality. Preserving your family’s welfare, your freedom, and your reputation is important to us and we’ll be with you every step of the way.


We help prove your innocence.

Pro-Active Defense

Being accused of a Sex Crime can be very serious, and the District Attorney’s office will certainly treat them as such. In such cases, a very proactive, aggressive defense will benefit you greatly. The sooner you find the right legal representation, the better, so the attorney can start working on the case as early as possible. There is even something called ‘Early Intervention’, and a skilled attorney may be able to get your charges dropped before having to go through the embarrassment of a lengthy, drawn-out trial. Your reputation is at stake, protect it.

Always Available

Lawyers are in part, professional communicators. It is at the core of our business to communicate well, and thats why we make sure we are always be available. Some lawyers will not return your phone calls for days. This is not what you want, and we will never do this to you. We treat our clients like close family members. Be sure to use your best judgement when hiring an attorney. Make sure their communication is top-notch.

Free Consultation

To best assess your needs, we suggest conducting a free and confidential consultation either by phone or in-office. Knowing your current charges is of tremendous help but other information is also important. For example where, when, how did this happen? Were you read your rights? Did you give a statement? Who is/are the victim(s)? Do they wish to press charges? Do you have any priors? What do you do for a living? Does your employer know about your case? Will it cost you your job, career, family, or your future? These questions will help us understand your unique situation and allow us to truly comprehend where you are in life. Keeping you out of jail is not our only priority, but also to protect your criminal record, reputation and status in the community.

Legal Financing

Stressing over legal fees should be your last concern when dealing with legal issues. With four financing options available, you can hire the attorney you deserve, without having to worry about your current budget limitations. We offer easy and affordable non-collateral loan options up to $35,000 even if you have less than perfect credit, with low monthly payments. Please feel free to call and inquire about our financing options. We offer payment plans as a courtesy, work with several legal lenders and at our discretion make our quality representation accessible to most folks. Each situation is unique and payment plans are done on a case-by-case basis.

What people say about Esfandi Law

Anthony M.

Immaculate would best describe Mr Esfandi’s performance in the court room. The DA was trying to offer me a lesser misdemeanor charge and Mr Esfandi advised me to deny their offer and he assured me of a better outcome. As Mr Esfandi not only brought out the LIES from my accusers, he at the same time proved my innocence. MY CASE WAS DISMISSED! Thank you Seppi for doing an outstanding job.

Anthony M.
Gerardo Chavez

Seppi was amazing, one of the nicest persons I’ve met. He was very professional and handled my case like so. He assured me from the beginning what he was going to be able to do for me and always was truthful. He always answered my phone calls and when he didn’t he would respond to my voicemails promptly as well communicate via text. I never had to go to court and he fixed everything for me.

Gerardo Chavez
Ronnie G.

Well first off I want to say thank you to Seppi Esfandi and his team for helping me and my family with my case. I was incarcerated last year in April and I was charged with a sex case. I was facing 2 life sentences. My parents had found him on the internet and scheduled an appointment. My father told him about the charges and hired him. I’m very grateful for them and appreciate everything they did to help get my case dismissed…all charges we dropped and I was able to come home to my family and kids. I got my life back and my job.

Ronnie G.
Justin A.

I ended up giving Seppi multiple calls and he picked up on the first ring and answered all my questions while calming me down during the process. This man is caring, helpful, knowledgeable, and selfless. Something that is not common with most lawyers these days. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO GIVE THIS GUY A CALL. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for your help Seppi. Literally one in a million.

Justin A.


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